Melbourne Greyhound

The Melbourne greyhound events present a perfect opportunity for the Australian ?unter’ to have a flutter.

The mainstay of the Melbourne greyhound scene is the racing track at Sandown. With its position 35 miles south east of Melbourne, it is the ideal location for the use of Internet betting.

With full TAB facilities available there is no reason for the Melbourne greyhound races to slip past unnoticed.

Televisions sudden change in broadcasting material in the 1960′s threatened the Melbourne Greyhounds, however they fought back and when Tote betting systems were implemented in 1974 the new array of betting opportunities got the punters hooked all over again, and so began the Melbourne greyhounds surge to the top echelons of the Melbourne sports world.

Sandown Greyhound Racing Club.

The first races were held by the Sandown Park Coursing club in 1935 and ran regularly until 1952, there is of course a break in the history of the Melbourne greyhound circuit, which occurred during the Second World War.

The Sandown Greyhound Racing Club held the first ?echanised hare’ race late in 1956, with the previous 4 years racing (1952-1955) using live hares.

There were 52 bookmakers present for the first race of what is know known as the Melbourne Greyhounds season, and all for a total prize of $600 dollars, which pales in comparison to the $1 Million dollars that it up for grabs in total prizes at the current Melbourne Cup finals.

The Melbourne greyhound events have come along way is a relatively short time in the sporting world, and with the vast array of talent on offer and the sheer number of races being held it is no surprise that Australians enjoy having a wager on the dogs from time to time.

Sandown Race Track.

The racetrack at Sandown Park is open for Melbourne greyhound meets ever Thursday night and alternate Wednesday afternoons. Offering people plenty of chances to see their favourite dogs in action down the home straight.

The track was originally a grassy one, however due to the volume of events being held the more standard sand track was installed in 1964.

The current track for the Melbourne greyhounds has a loam surface, which encourages great races and challenges dogs and punter alike.

The Melbourne greyhound races are held over a 515m or 715m, with two different starting positions, one at the beginning of each straight. With a total track circumference of 443 meters, the track at Sandown presents the Melbourne greyhounds with a wide track at 7 meters, and even wider corners, which at 8 meters and a radius of 52m during the turns, the greyhounds are given the best opportunities to shine, and at the end of the day the more thrilling the races, the more attention the meets are going to get.

The track at Sandown is host to not only the major events of the Melbourne greyhound racing season but also to two of the richest races in the whole of Australia. The Solo Melbourne Cup and the premier race for ?tayers’ the Sandown Cup.

As the popularity of the Melbourne greyhounds continued to rise, both on the track and online, it was decided that refurbishment was needed, and in 1996 a staggering $10.2 Million dollars was invested on improving the club and offering longevity to the Melbourne Greyhounds and their fans.

Melbourne Cup

The solo Melbourne cup is the pinnacle event in the Melbourne greyhound season, with heats taking place a week before the final, and contested over a distance of 515meters, this race of champions holds major appeal to punters and dog owners, not just based in Melbourne but across the country as demonstrated by the $250, 000 prize pool. There are many chances to have a wager on this event, and with the abundance of Internet connections, wired and wireless, there is no excuse for a punter to miss their chance at glory.

Sandown Cup

The Sandown Cup is the start attraction for the Melbourne Greyhound circuit when it comes to ?alf-milers’ or ?tayers’. Held over 715 meters, this impressive race holds a $100,000 first place prize.

The race was first held in 1982 and with the exception of 2007 has been held annually. This challenging race is hard to win just once, as evidenced by the number or single winners in its relatively short history. However, one dog has defied that, Bold Trease was a dog that caught the eye of the punters year in and year out during the 1980′s winning no less than 4 consecutive Sandown Cups between 1986 and 1989.


Greyhound racing may not be as big a draw over the season as the horses, but that doesn’t mean the Australian public doesn’t rate this sport in the same high quality category.

With the growth of online ?unting’ in recent years, it should come as no surprise that there are over 600 online wagering shops open to the Australian public, and a quick browse through will show how many of them cover this prestigious sport.

In a country where any animal racing will have to compete with the appeal of the horse racing season, the Internet has boosted the life of the Melbourne greyhound races by offering eager ?unters’ the chance to place their money on the dogs without even having to go to the track. With betting made that simple, with sports books offering various tempting double your first stake style offers, step by step instructions, free account creation, and all number of statistics and other vital race day information it is not wonder that Internet betting is continuing to grow at the rate it is.